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A New method to get your MTN 5mb for naira (100%) working.
no pic.Nelsonsave NG
country: Nigeria
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09:47 pm - Tue/28/Apr/2015 off-line
| .Nelsonsave Says: We have been trying to Subscribe for mtn enhanced mb for just 5naira..But not getting through..Like getting message command "You have already opt-in for off-peak rate.."..when you dial *406*1#...but thank God I finally have and answer to it. Dial #406# and you will get reply such as .."migrate to funlink enhance...ipulse invite....opt-in enhance..opt-out enhance.."just pick opt-in..and make sure you have 5 naira on your account. You are free to start browsing. Pls if it work for you, comment below to make us serve you better. Note: if you are using blackberry, turn off your data connection first before dialing the code. Enjoy.

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